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What 8 Glasses of Water Can Do For You

Eight glasses can seem like a lot of water. Considering it’s an amount you’re supposed to drink every day, not just today – can make it seem like even more. So much so that people actually avoid consuming this much liquid. Claiming it causes too many trips to the restroom. Or that they “need” flavor in their beverage. Maybe they just feel water logged after consuming more liquid than they’re used to taking in.

Whatever the reason, the majority of folks simply don’t drink their eight glasses on a regular basis. And – it’s likely that they don’t even come close. Opting, instead, for coffees, sodas, teas, or even energy drinks instead. Over time, this is a habit that can work to dehydrate your body, even robbing cells of much-needed moisture.

Why So Much H20?

More than half (60%) of your body is made of water. Cells, organs, and more all thrive on the substance, and need it in order to remain working and healthy. Without water, our bodies would not only be unable to function, they wouldn’t exist.

Additionally, keeping plenty of fluids in your body allows you to:

  • Flush out toxins
  • Replenish liquid counts in organs and cells (water leaves the body daily through sweat, breathing, and waste)
  • Keep areas like ears and nasal passages moist and working properly
  • Allow cells to move fluidly throughout the body

Without proper moisture, none of the above can take place.

Exact Numbers

It can be argued that those of different sizes will need different amounts of water to keep themselves hydrated. However, the eight glasses of eight ounces each rule is easy to remember – so it’s stuck. And to this day, remains a common rule of thumb. Others argue that all liquid can work to replenish the body of its fluid count. Oftentimes this is true for beverages that are free of sugar or caffeine. While those that contain sugary substances can actually pull water from the cells – essentially setting you back on water intake goals. From drinking more liquid.

To avoid these types of beverages, read labels and avoid unnatural sugars or excessive amounts of caffeine. Anything that comes in a can is likely a main offender, while not everything that claims to be healthy actually is. Or, schedule a time to talk with a medical pro about what concoctions will help vs. hurt your daily water count.

If you’re looking to be more exact with your water intake, there are actually more concrete numbers you can follow. For instance, it’s recommended that men consume about 13 cups every day, which comes out to about 3 liters. And for women, 9 cups, or 2.2 liters per day. In contrast, the 8 glasses of 8-ounces each rule comes out to about 1.9 liters. Actually slightly less than the more specific count – a shocking fact for those who already think recommendations are set too high.

Another avenue is to meet with a professional nutritionist or your medical doctor in order to get a more customized idea of how much you should be drinking. You can also go over which substances will help keep you hydrated vs. those that will actually lower your water intake.

Drinking eight glasses of water might sound overwhelming, but it’s also a routine that allows for some incredible health benefits. And according to the hydrated ones among us, the results more than speak for themselves. If nothing else, it’s certainly a method that won’t hurt – and considering it’s virtually free, drinking water is a tactic every health-conscious person should consider when working toward better health.