Pillow Talk

Talking About Bed Pillows

Contributed By AJ Smith
Let’s have a little pillow talk. When was the last time you paid a little attention to your pillow? You probably haven’t even thought about it beyond washing the pillow case. But just like you change your toothbrush occasionally, so should your change your pillow. Try these suggestions:

  • Do you know the average head weighs between ten and twelve pounds? Make sure your pillow is well made with quality materials so your head will be properly supported during eight hours of sleep.
  • The natural curve of your neck must be supported and allow the spine to remain in alignment. A good pillow can help relieve an array of ailments, like stiff necks, aching shoulders and even snoring. Make sure your pillow is up to the job.
  • Your pillow needs to be high enough to support the space between your head, shoulder and the bed when you are sleeping on your side. When side sleeping, use a pillow between the knees to align the hips and reduce pressure points.
  • Dust mites thrive in warm environments. Make sure your air out your bed and pillow each day. You might even want to try an anti-microbial pillow case.
  • For rest, relaxation and comfort, don’t use a pillow that’s too thin or stack too many pillows together. Find a pillow that supports you without going flat or losing its shape.

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